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Making the Switch to Microsoft

The migration from Google Suite to Microsoft 365 includes Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, One Drive, Forms and other Microsoft applications, as well as online versions of the Office productivity suite. Microsoft 365 works with Office 2016 and Office 365 in both the desktop and online versions.

Contact your agency information technology resource to learn what is available at your agency.


NOTE: The upgrade from Office 2016 to Office 365 is a separate event led by our end user computing supplier.

On-demand training

Over 280 minutes of training is available across 64 training videos and 14 job aids.

Pre-migration readiness

Actions to take now to prepare for migration.

Day 1 checklist

Actions to take post-migration.

Project Resources

Cutover schedule

Draft migration schedule and how it was developed.

Messaging deep dive

Learn more about agency engagement and transition details.

AITR resources

Prepare to migrate your agency to the Microsoft 365 platform.

Microsoft training articles and videos

Whether your migration is weeks away or already here, you can access step-by-step training for nearly every process in the Microsoft environment. Training articles and videos can be found on the VITA service portal.

Please review the resource links provided in each tab on the left before your agency’s go-live date.

Microsoft 365

This training video shows how to view the new features of Office 365. These features include:

  • Co-authoring documents
  • Commenting and replying on live documents
  • Searching through functions, people, and internet searches with the Search Bar
  • Checking for and adding accessibility to your files
  • Adding custom colors using hex code
  • Auto-save

Watch video > | Visit the VITA service portal

Okta single sign on

This job aid demonstrates how to sign in to Office 365 through Okta single sign on. 

View document >

Instructions and Guidelines

This training video shows how to navigate the Office 365 environment with such functions as:

  • Signing into Office 365
  • Accessing applications and settings
  • Navigating the Office 365 Portal
  • Creating new files
  • Browse and open recommended/previously saved files

Watch video >

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

This training video shows how to download and access your Office 365 applications from your iOS or Android mobile device. Other demonstrations in this video include:

  • Basic navigation of the Office 365 application
  • Creating new documents
  • Sharing and transferring files
  • Utilizing the search function

Watch training video >

Collaboration services

Migration to Microsoft will offer automatic data transfer for most applications; however, data from Archiving, Google Keep and Google Forms will not migrate to Microsoft. Take action now to download and store important data from these applications.

Learn more by visiting:

Virtru is the encrypted email tool for the COV

Virtru supports email platforms for Microsoft Outlook (desktop), Microsoft Outlook 365 (web, desktop and mobile) and Gmail (Chrome). A suite of job aids and videos have been developed for users to access to learn how to:

  • Activate and install Virtru on your device or email platform
  • Send and receive Virtru encrypted emails
  • Navigate the features of Virtru
  • And many more...

Visit the Virtru hub

Pre-migration Readiness


Review the list below and complete any appropriate tasks that require action on your part. If the tasks are not completed, the data will not be migrated and you may not be able to recover it after migration is complete. Agency IT resources (AITRs) are encouraged to visit the AITR Resources section for additional information. 

  Archiving: The records management tool, Vault, is being replaced. There is no action required by users.
  Calendar: Calendar data will be migrated. Learn more > 

Google Chat: No data from Google Chat will be migrated. (Please note that conversations in Google Chat normally are not retained beyond 24 hours.) The new chat function will be available in Microsoft Teams. There is no action required by users.

  Google Docs: Google Docs will be migrated to Microsoft OneDrive and are converted to Microsoft Word. There is no action required by users. 
  Google Forms: Google Forms will NOT be migrated. If you want to retain this data, save the form as a PDF file to your COV shared drive or your Google Drive prior to migration. To save form responses, export them to Google Sheets. They will be migrated to Microsoft OneDrive as Microsoft Excel documents. Learn more >
  Google Groups: Google Groups will be migrated and converted to distribution lists in Microsoft. There is no action required by users. 

Google Keep: Google Keep will NOT be migrated. To save your Google Keep notes, you can export your notes to a Google Doc before the migration. These Google Docs will be migrated to as Word documents to Microsoft OneDrive during the migration process. You may also choose to copy Google Keep content to Microsoft OneNote. For instructions on exporting your Google Keep notes, please select one of the options below:

Exporting Google Keep content to Google Drive

Manually copy Google Keep content to OneNote 
  Gmail: Gmail will be migrated to Microsoft Outlook. Tasks in Gmail will be migrated to Tasks in Microsoft. There is no action required by users. 

Google Photos: Google Photos will NOT be migrated. To save your photos, download them to a folder and save them to your COV network drive or Google Drive. For instructions, please view the job aid: Transferring pictures from Google Photos to your network drive

  Google Sheets: Google Sheets will be migrated to Microsoft OneDrive and converted to Microsoft Excel. There is no action required by users. 
  Google Slides: Google Slides will be migrated to Microsoft OneDrive and converted to Microsoft PowerPoint. There is no action required by users. 
  Jamboard: Jamboard data will NOT be migrated. Learn more >
  Mobile device management (MDM): Authorized MDM users will be migrated. There are no pre-migration actions required; however, MDM users will need to uninstall the Google application and then install the new application. Instructions will be provided. 
  Google Drive shared content: Content shared with you on your Google Drive will be migrated to Microsoft OneDrive; however, your folder permissions will NOT be migrated. Prior to migration, users should review and make a note of folder and document sharing permissions. Following migration, refer to your notes to re-establish sharing permissions.

Day 1 Checklist

Step-by-step guide for your first day using Microsoft


Set up your new user profile using Microsoft Outlook.


Update calendar events to replace Google Meet events with Microsoft Teams or another platform’s meeting function.


Mobile device management (MDM): If you are an authorized mobile device management user, you may download mobile apps for your iOS or Android device. To get started, please follow the two steps listed according to your device type.

Visit Mobile Device Management for on demand video training and job aid information.

iOS devices:

  • Remove Google mobile device management from an iOS device
  • Enroll in Intune
    • DOC and VDOT only: Enroll in Workspace One

Android devices:

  • Remove Google mobile device management from an Android device
  • Enroll in Intune
    • DOC and VDOT only: Enroll in Workspace One

For iOS and Android:

After enrolling you may wish to watch the on-demand training video: Accessing Office 365 on your mobile device


Syncing your OneDrive files and folders to your computer.

Messaging platform cutover schedule

Agency messaging platform migration schedule

Below is the messaging platform migration schedule. It represents the weekend where respective agencies are slated to be cut over from Google to Microsoft messaging services. Project teams will be engaging with agencies well in advance of scheduled dates.

The schedule was developed while factoring in the following:

  • agency’s preferences (including any blackout dates listed on the request for solution)
  • user count
  • terabytes of data

Kickoff and planning meetings have already begun with agencies on the schedule for September. Starting with October, however, there is potential flexibility to slide into a different spot or swap weekends with another agency, though the factors above will still need to be considered.

Please note: When referencing the schedule the version number and date of last revision, as we will be publishing additional iterations as agencies move around the schedule.

Messaging platform cutover schedule

AITR Resources

Ensure a smooth transition

As agency IT resources (AITRs) prepare to migrate their agency to the Microsoft 365 platform, there are several readiness activities they will need to complete. Please see below for guidance and documents to assist you. 

  • AITR Readiness Guide: Google to Microsoft 365 migration:
    • Document provides AITRs with the timeline, activities and resources available to help successfully navigate their agency’s pre-migration activities.

View guide

  • Commonwealth agency messaging presentations:
    • Deep dive messaging engagement overview presentation - presented May 11 at AITR meeting
    • Messaging: Agency Transition - the messaging customer experience overview. Presented during agency briefing meetings.    

View deep dive presentation

View the agency messaging customer experience presentation

  • Train the Trainer: Microsoft Migration On-site Support:
    • User manual to help provide on-site support to end users after they have been migrated from Google to Microsoft 
    • Video on how to provide support during all facets of migration

View manual

View video

  • Agency migration support documentation and templates 
    • Template: Sample agency migration plan and a supplier list of tasks
    • Agency discovery questionnaire that includes technical process timeline, agency checklist, Google report 

View the template

View the questionnaire

  • Agency-created migration support documents
    • Agencies material created in support of messaging migration 

Department of Corrections one page training document


VITA Customer Care Center

Are you a VITA customer? Need IT support? Contact the VCCC by email or call (866) 637-8482.

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