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Microsoft 365 Training

Training is available to help users learn more about the functionality of messaging programs.

Microsoft 365 Hub:

To access the training and informational materials, you will need to log in to the VITA service portal.

  • Click on the link below to access the training hub or visit the “Knowledge” page and click on the “Messaging Services” hub. 
    (Tip: Select “Show all +” to expand the listing and then scroll until you see the “Messaging Services")

Microsoft Training Hub

Microsoft training articles and videos

Whether your migration is weeks away or already here, you can access step-by-step training for nearly every process in the Microsoft environment. Training articles and videos can be found on the VITA service portal.

Please review the resource links provided in each tab on the left before your agency’s go-live date.

Microsoft 365

This training video shows how to view the new features of Office 365. These features include:

  • Co-authoring documents
  • Commenting and replying on live documents
  • Searching through functions, people, and internet searches with the Search Bar
  • Checking for and adding accessibility to your files
  • Adding custom colors using hex code
  • Auto-save

Watch video > | Visit the VITA service portal

Okta single sign on

This job aid demonstrates how to sign in to Office 365 through Okta single sign on. 

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Instructions and Guidelines

This training video shows how to navigate the Office 365 environment with such functions as:

  • Signing into Office 365
  • Accessing applications and settings
  • Navigating the Office 365 Portal
  • Creating new files
  • Browse and open recommended/previously saved files

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

This training video shows how to download and access your Office 365 applications from your iOS or Android mobile device. Other demonstrations in this video include:

  • Basic navigation of the Office 365 application
  • Creating new documents
  • Sharing and transferring files
  • Utilizing the search function

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Collaboration services

Migration to Microsoft will offer automatic data transfer for most applications; however, data from Archiving, Google Keep and Google Forms will not migrate to Microsoft. Take action now to download and store important data from these applications.

Learn more by visiting:

Virtru is the encrypted email tool for the COV

Virtru supports email platforms for Microsoft Outlook (desktop), Microsoft Outlook 365 (web, desktop and mobile) and Gmail (Chrome). A suite of job aids and videos have been developed for users to access.

Please see below (on this page) for a suite of Virtru training materials. 

Visit the Virtru hub in the knowledge base


The encrypted email tool for the COV

Virtru supports email platforms for Microsoft Outlook (desktop), Microsoft Outlook 365 (web, desktop and mobile) and Gmail (Chrome).

Available VIRTRU training items

 Navigating and using the features of VIRTRU

Turning off Virtru by default using the Virtru Control Center

This knowledge base article (KBA) explains how a user can log in to the Virtru Control Center to turn off Virtru by default. Any user who wants to turn their Virtru off by default when composing a new email. If you are using the JAWS screen reader program, this may be beneficial so that Virtru does not cause any interference with it.


Navigating the features of Virtru

This training video demonstrates how to:

  • Locate the Virtru plug in the Outlook desktop application, Outlook for the web and Gmail.
  • Verify Virtru encryption is toggled on
  • Navigating Virtru features in security settings:
    • Watermarking
    • Expiration Date
    • Disable Forwarding
    • Persistent Protection

Navigating the Features of the Virtru Control Center

This training video demonstrates how to:

  • Search for a previously sent encrypted message by it subject lines, file names, email addresses or dates
  • Updating your personal introduction
  • Revoke access from a user
  • Adding additional security features to protect an encrypted email after it has been sent

Adding Persistent Protection with Virtru

This training video demonstrates how to add Persistent Protection using Virtru.

Watermarking an Attachment with Virtru

This training video demonstrates how to use the Watermarking security feature using Virtru.

Using the Disable Forwarding Feature with Virtru

This training video demonstrates how to use the Disable Forwarding security feature using Virtru.

Lunch and Learn

(Videos on-demand)

Get started with Microsoft Teams

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Calling and meetings in Microsoft Teams

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Explore Teams and Channels in Microsoft Teams

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Go Further Together with Meetings in Microsoft Teams

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